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Dragon Ball AF 2013 - MUGEN GAMES

Dragon Ball AF 2013 Brolly saiya 6 mode

Dragon Ball AF MUGEN, is the other story about dragonball. DB AF (Dragon Ball AF) is not the true story from the author of dragon ball. But this story has a high top rank, because there are many fans of this plot story. Dragon ball AF tell about the next chapter after Gouku has been taken by shenlong, and actually there is a clone from goku that really has high power. In this story, all saiyan kan evolve until in super saiyan 6, it's really cool and amazing. Just download and play it to know more.

This game is made by my friend Dbzsupakid & me. It has more characters then my previous DBAF game and less stages, but select menu is improved and the game looks much better, especially the stage selection. Now when you're choosing stage you have images of those stages instead of some font names. Characters are updated (english voices, palettes...). I've added english voice even for Gogeta SSJ4.
Special Thanks to my friend Dbzsupakid for a cool new Screen Pack and an awesome Stage Preview!

Dragon Ball AF 2013 - MUGEN GAMES

Dragon Ball AF 2013 MUGEN GAMES
Platform: PC
Genre: Fighting
Language: English

Dragon Ball AF 2013 MUGEN GAMES

Dragon Ball AF 2013 MUGEN GAMES

Dragon Ball AF 2013 MUGEN GAMES

Gameplay :

How To Download :
1. Click on the download links above
2. Wait for few seconds and then click on

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